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Services - The Money Dock
A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, comments or concerns.

I love optimizing my personal finance world and would like to help you with yours. I’m not a financial advisor so I’m not connected to any expensive investment contracts, I’m just a yachtie with a passion for this stuff.

I thoroughly research and believe in what I recommend and ensure to educate you on all that is relevant to your finance world.

What I will help with…

  • Investment contract analysis (fee structures, surrender values, investment allocations)
  • Analysis of current portfolio
  • International money transfer options
  • International currency bank account options
  • Investment strategy education
  • Stock market 101 education
  • Education on ETFs and index funds
  • Investment platform education
  • Personalized financial optimization
  • Future life & financial goals management

Other areas I look at…

  • How & where are you storing your money
  • Your spending habits
  • What bank cards you own
  • Your bank fee/ATM charges
  • What subscriptions you have
  • Is your money automated
  • Do you track your spending
  • Where is your money ‘leaking’
  • Non-ridiculous methods of actually making more money

How we can work together

Discovery Session – USD$100

  • We discuss your current financial situation, your future goals and how you can achieve them
  • Includes education & actionable real world advice
  • We cover my financial setup and how it works for me

Coaching – $50-100

  • Takes place after the discovery session
  • Session topics chosen by you
  • I provide coaching through setting up investment accounts, reading investment contracts, etc.
  • Accountability checks, I make sure you’re taking action
  • Ideal for clients that require a more guided approach

Subscription – $25 per month

  • Email/whatsapp service
  • Provides clarity during your venture into personal finance
  • Quick & no B.S approach, you ask me a question, I answer it and provide further reading/videos etc if needed.

I’m here to coach, educate and help wherever I can.

A bit corny but seriously, get in contact with me!


    The above offers relate to education & guidance regarding the topics of ETFs/index investing, best online banking practises, how to save more money, psychology of money, side hustle support and general personal finance optimization.

    I do not offer education on individual stock investments, allocations or personal tax. Although this information is applicable to all, it’s specifically intended for those who have less experience in personal finance.

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