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My Inspiration - The Money Dock
A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

My Inspiration

These guys, among more, kickstarted my interest in personal finance management. Click on the URL’s or titles to learn more.

Barefoot Investor

AKA Scott Pape.  My girlfriend gave me his book about 18 months ago and it changed my outlook on life and my finances.  A lot of my inspiration and concepts come from him and I have just repackaged them for the industry I am in.  He is an Australian bloke who is changing the financial terrain for willing-to-learn Australians.  

His book, ‘The Barefoot Investor’ is a great book for those interested in becoming more financially savvy.  See more https://barefootinvestor.com/

Andrew Hallam

Andrew is another inspirational figure for me since he reached financial independence by being a school teacher on a salary of US28,000 per year.  Although he was on the more extreme side of frugality and saving, it shows that it can be done on a relatively low salary. 

He is now traveling South America in his van and guest speaking all around the world on financial independence. 


Mr Money Mustache

AKA Peter Adeney.  Peter is one of the first FIRE blogs I came across and was probably even one of the first FIRE bloggers online.  His website has so many articles that demonstrate what FIRE is and how he achieved it.  He is famous within this community and has a straight edged way of speaking which makes his concepts very easy to understand. 


Choose FI

The team at ChooseFI were one of my first inspirations. They have a huge archive of interesting podcast episodes and have built a big community based around their passion of financial freedom.

Millennial Money Man

Mr. Bobby Hoyt. A high school teacher who paid of $40,000 in 18 months. His website & passion grew from teaching his students about personal finance. Now, he runs several side hustles and his hugely successful website in a fulltime capacity.

Mad Fientist

Brandon, AKA The MadFientist, became interested in FIRE but with a twist. He didn’t necessarily want to retire early, he just wanted to have control over his time and not have to do what his boss dictated. His website is full of great information and if you’re into maths – he is your guy!

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