A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

Kiwi’s look here

This section is all about the Kiwi’s. Here, you’ll find a bunch of services I recommend. Each one has been throughly researched or even used by me personally.

Each company listed is New Zealand owned & operated, well trusted and popular. However, don’t be fooled by the sexy websites or smooth technology. Each platform has its pros & cons and it’s your responsibility to work out which is best for you.

As always, do your own due diligence.

Lowest fees of all

I started here! This platform is where I first began investing, it’s super easy to use and offer several core index funds for simple investing, passive style (you know thats my fav). Fees are low and website navigation is super simple. Also offers term deposit options for those more conservative kiwi’s.

Access to NZ individual companies

Another great option, although it doesn’t offer as many funds as InvestNow. You can purchase individual companies listed on the NZ stock exchange, if that takes your fancy. Very nice website and offers Kids accounts too.

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Direct access to US markets

A newer kid on the block. They only offer access to US based investments (individual stocks and ETFs), good for those wanting to invest in US stocks without the hassle of going through an expensive broker. Very intuitive and easy to use with ‘how to’ courses offered too. If you wanted to jump on the Tesla bandwagon, now you can!

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Note; some links contain affiliate links, this is to support my work and presents no extra costs to you. Your decision will impact your returns and your investment experience.

I’m always here to help.

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