A Yachties Guide to Money

I Quit.

Yep, after 3.6 years onboard my partner and I quit our jobs. Naturally, it was a difficult and long thought about decision. After that length of time onboard, you become attached to your cabin, crew-mates and develop a sense of home and comfort onboard.

We filled this truck with 2x kitesurfing bags, 2x 7ft surfboards and 2 suitcases!

But, since quitting in yachting is commonplace I’m not going to delve into the emotions and mental processes I went through leaving after 3.6 years onboard. You’ve probably all done it before.

Here at themoneydock we just discuss cash money, BUT, if you do need some guidance or support with quitting check out my friend Anna over at Yachting Exit Coach.

How can I, someone who loves money, go without income?

…is what I repeatedly thought to myself as I was walking up to hand my letter into the captain. And it’s true, my current lack of income does feel strange after 3.6 years of reliable income.

It feels weird to be 25 years old and taking 3 months off work, none of my other non-yachting friends could do this. Plus, it goes against the grain, the typical narrative of current society is to work until you’re 67/69 and only then enjoy an extended break (a.k.a retirement). I’m not into that, that sounds shit and thats why I’m in yachting!

Besides, in my opinion, it’s just as important to take time off to recharge and refocus as you go, otherwise and especially in yachting, you can burnout.

My money situation

Apart from mentally feeling as though it was time, I knew I would be safe financially, too.

I had been thinking about quitting for about a year before I actually did. Thankfully, in this time, I decided to start putting money aside strictly for my early-mini-retirement. My goal was to not eat into my savings or my investments at all. In-fact, If everything goes to plan, I would still be able to contribute to my investments despite no longer working.

I called it my ‘fun fund’ and I had saved more than what I thought I would need to survive for 6 months of no work. I am currently about 2 months in and seem to be coming in under budget. So far, so good, oh, and I even bought a motorbike!

What a view

Here is where I am now…

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