A Yachties Guide to Money

Coronavirus & Chill


I have had a few people ask my thoughts on the coronavirus, not medically, but how it will affect the stock market. 

I’ll keep this short. 

I believe, economically-wise, it’s going to be bad, very bad.  Do I care, no? Why? Because I have a very long investment timeline (providing I don’t get the virus) and I can now buy the stocks on sale.

They are super cheap right now so when stocks rise again, and rise they will, I would have paid less for my stocks that are now worth more.

Granted, I don’t like seeing my money take a hit.  Who does? In the longterm though, this will be positive.  

Not only have I been through my first downturn and experienced a loss but I now have the opportunity to observe the benefits of such an event, first hand. 

So, keep on investing, don’t try to time the market, no one knows when the ‘bottom’ will come.

If you’re a new investor, strongly consider getting into the market now by purchasing broadly diversified ETFs / index funds.

Keep calm and carry on, as they say. 

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