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A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

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Should you flip off the stockmarket?

The Stockmarket Always Goes Up

Hey yachties, times are tough right now. Like most of you, I’m also in lockdown but hey, at least the wifi onboard is good and we have plenty of food.

Do you really need a financial advisor?

Okay, so, we all know that the financial world is complicated and confusing, and guess what, it is made that way on purpose. They (being a general blanket statement of

Research shows the most successful investors are those who do nothing

Active or Passive Investing

There is so much existing material on this topic so I’ll do my best to keep this somewhat entertaining and concise. Plus, I’ll add some links for further reading at

Part 1 – Could you end up broke if you left yachting?

What should I do if I already have an investment? Part 1 – vegan-ism and your investments.  After speaking to a bunch of yachties, I realized many of you already

Part 2 – Could you end up broke if you left yachting?

If you are new and haven’t read part 1, don’t worry, it isn’t essential for the understanding of this article but I would suggest reading it. Here, we continue the

A tutrle only makes progress when it's neck sticks out

Isn’t investing risky?

Investing is always risky and there is no such thing as a guaranteed return. My investing confidence derives from hours and hours of research followed by 2 years of actual

Pull up your anchor / Pay off Debt

Step two: Take a look at your debt and determine what debt is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’. Debt is like an anchor. Quick facts – U.S total consumer debt

Lifejacket Fund / Emergency Money

Before you make any financial moves, a lifejacket, or emergency fund, is needed. Lifejacket Fund You might see this fund called the back up fund, emergency fund or rainy day

How do I decide where to invest?

Pffftt, this is a huge question. I don’t even know how or where to begin. Straight outta the gate let me list some factors you need to consider when deciding

My girlfriend and I enjoying some freedom!

Do you know what financial freedom is?

Yachting is possibly one of the best ways to reach financial freedom as fast as possible. By now you I hope you have realised my passion financial freedom but if

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