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A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

General Info & tips

Are you the only one who runs before paying the bill?

Are you cheap?

Let me start by saying, I have been called cheap before, can you believe it?! Me, the guy who writes about personal finance, I was outraged!  Seriously though, I took

You can even.

Quick story, I was sitting in my cabin thinking of things I could write about but kept going round in circles.  I then heard laughter coming from the crew mess

Emotional Investing

Investing in the stock market is difficult and scary, especially when media/news outlets are constantly drowning the markets and investors with financial news.   Before I began learning about investments,

My (hopefully) smart and lazy investment setup

Wait! Before you copy it! Note that is my personal strategy and is not intended to be copied, it’s purely informational. Before you make any major moves I will explain

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