A Yachties Guide to Money

Online Banks

Alright folks, I’ve got 2 top shelf options for you! Of course, alternatives are available but the two featured below offer some damn good features.

The people behind this company are legends. This service provides international money transfers at great rates with transparent fees. You’re also able to open up ‘local’ bank accounts in selected countries to make transferring even easier. I use them myself and 100% recommend them.

Learn more here

Revolut has very similar offerings as Wise but also has some extras, like allowing certain users to invest in stocks and crypto, depending on passport. All in all though, it’s pretty similar to Wise.

Read more here

Get the scoop below, and look, yes you’re about to watch a 10 minute video about banks but, come on, it’s pretty important and choosing the wrong bank could cost you much more than 10 minutes of your time!

This video will explain some differences between both services

Can’t deicide which to go for? Why not just get both and use them to their strengths?

*Note, some affiliate links are included here, this is to support my work and presents no extra cost to you.

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