A Yachties Guide to Money

Automate Your Damn Money

A message for those with or without investments

Automate your investment money.

This means setting up an automatic payment/direct debit from whatever account you’re paid into, straight to your investment account. Not only is this a helpful tool for ensuring you’re regularly contributing to your investments but it also…

Saves you time

Stops you having to manually do it and lets be honest, you’ll probably create excuses for yourself and not even do it. Just automate it and you’ll know whenever you get paid, your investments get a nice bump too. Plus, half the time we’re on crossings or scrubbing the decks and can’t be bothered with transferring money.

Saves you money

Rather than sending money and converting currencies throughout the month, you do it once and that’s it. Every time you send and convert money, you gotta pay for that shit. Do it once, get it over with, get it automated.

You’ll realise what you value

With automatic payments, you can only spend what’s left in your spending account after the money as gone out. So, depending on how aggressively you want to invest, you might only be left with a little bit of spending money.

With this smaller amount you’ll want to be more intentional about what you buy. You will likely ensure your purchases are important and are on things that actually matter to you. It might stop you spending money on crap, basically.

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