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About me

I’m Alex.

Shortly after graduating university, I was fortunate enough to land a deckhand job on a 50m motor yacht in Auckland, New Zealand.

After cruising the South Pacific and South America for a couple of years and becoming bosun, I left the boat in an attempt to find the next ‘thing’ and keep the stoke going.

I ended up being a financial coach for a NZ based investment platform where I’d basically teach people how to invest in stocks. I had made my side hustle my full-time job, which I thought was cool!

It truly was a great gig but the traveling itch was greater. So I quit that job and now I’m a freelancing financial coach, yachtie, kitesurf instructor and traveler, with no intention of settling anytime soon. 👌🏼

The Money Dock

This website was actually born from confusion and frustration. As a young yachtie with new found money, I inherently knew I should be investing in some way, rather than leaving my money sitting idly in a bank.

I remember being shocked by the lack of money & investing resources tailored to yacht crew, after all, money is a huge motivator for yacht crew.

So I began figuring it out for myself, through research and trial and error. A few months later, I began sharing what I’d learned with crew mates and slowly became the ‘money guy’ around the marina. And from there came the idea to build a webiste!


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