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My Story - The Money Dock
A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

My Story

Swan madness in Indonesia

Hello! I am Alex, creator of themoneydock and I’m  here to tell you a bit about me.  

I am currently a Bosun on a 50m Westport and have a passion for personal finance and education.  After moving from Dubai, U.A.E, to New Zealand to attend university, where I received a BA in psychology, I quickly became aware of the financial differences between both countries. 

The fields of finance and psychology began to merge and I started to research about the ways in which people spent their money. Lets just say, I wasn’t interested in following the typical spiral of consumer debt that has become so common.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 where I found myself day working on several boats before landing a fulltime gig on the boat I am writing this very article on. 

After a couple of months working I noticed a significant positive change in my bank account, which as a 21 year old student I was not used to, despite having a part time job at a local hardware store. 

As the months flew by I found myself repeatedly wondering what I would do with ‘all this money’, surely, there must be something better than it just sitting in the bank.  As it turns out, there is. 

During work hours I would listen to hours and hours of financial podcasts and on weekend watches you would find me researching and watching videos about all things personal finance. 

It wasn’t until my partner, a stewardess, gifted me a financial book (The Barefoot Investor) that I started to actually invest and move some money around. 

Like most beginners I had initial doubts and thought that investing was only performed by professionals or geniuses who spend all their time at a computer watching the markets. 

However, with some support from my financially savvy mother and armed with hundreds of hours of research, I quickly poured more and more money into the stock market. 

By the end of 2017 I had about 90% of my money invested and still do to this day.  I haven’t wavered and have total confidence in my financial decisions. 

Initially, I kept this information mostly to myself as I know people don’t particularly enjoy talking about money or have much interest in personal finance. 

However, I remember becoming frustrated by the lack of accessible information available, especially for the yachting industry. 

All I could find was information written by financial advisors or banks which tended to consist of industry specific language and too many numbers. 

I didn’t feel like the right information was out there or that yacht crew knew enough about personal finance to make the best informed decision. 

So, I took it upon myself.  First, I started talking with my crew and then the crew on our support vessel and then the crew from the boat next door, and so on. 

My suspicions were confirmed, there is a knowledge gap amongst the average yachtie and their personal finances. 

Enter, themoneydock, my website, facebook group and Instagram. They are forums in which all of my learned information is available, for free. 

My intention is to change the way yacht crew deal with money/personal finance through my online forums and coaching. Personal finance can mean a lot of things but for me, it means educating you in techniques for saving, investing and general financial optimisation.

It can be difficult to see the need for this in our young and lucrative industry but I’m here to show you that yachting is an extraordinary industry which, if played right, can give you a secure and achievable financial future. 

Believe me, it’s not as hard as you think. 

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