A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

Your Guide to Personal Finance

Welcome to themoneydock.

Hi, I’m Alex.

I’m a current yachtie (bosun) on world traveling superyacht and aside from cleaning the boat, I have a serious passion for personal finance (weird, I know).

During my first few months in this industry I became curious about what I should do with my money. I wasn’t keen on spending it all nor did I want to leave it collecting dust in a bank.

The problem was, I couldn’t find information on how to best manage my money and I wasn’t interested in expensive & complicated financial advisors.

So, I went out and figured it out on my own and this website is the result.

Me and my partner (also a yachtie)

This blog is intended for fellow yachties who might be unsure of what to do with their money.  I have been in your position and found personal finance success through self learning & determination.

The advice given is purely based on my research and experiences and is straightforward and honest. 

Investing & managing your money isn’t as hard as you think!

It’s time you start your path to financial freedom. 

Avoid financial shipwrecking by reading this website to achieve financial smooth sailing

As featured on the Millionaires Unveiled podcast.

Top Tips for Reaching Financial Freedom

Avoid Debt

– Credit card debt
– mobile phone debt
– car loan debt
– other stupid stuff

Invest surplus cash

– keep what you need
– Invest what you don’t

Spend consciously

– Spend on what matters to you
– don’t spend to impress others

Live below your financial means

– spend less than you earn
– find ways to cut costs

Why I’m Here…

Welcome, you lovely bunch of people. Here, I will give a quick rundown on the site and what you can expect plus a little something to put your mind at ease, read on.

I intend to change the way yacht crew deal with their finances. Our unique position gives us very powerful earning power which, I believe, should be taken advantage of.

What my content can offer you:

  • Informal & conversational writing style, easy to understand financial talk
  • Posts packed with personal finance tips
  • Links to other sites much more established than mine
  • Investment education (a big topic!)
  • How to generally improve your personal finance situation
  • Stories from me, a current yachtie, about my personal finance
  • A network of legit contacts that won’t scam you

Who is the content designed for?

  • You!

Seriously though, anyone really. Whether you’re a 18 year old whipper snapper with their first paycheck, or a 52 year old engineer – and anyone in between!

Tragically, personal finance management isn’t widely promoted in the media or school systems. Subsequently, most people aren’t equipped with the essential tools to optimize their financial world. Well, I hope to change that.

Your investment life will be a long road, so before you throw all your money, cool it down for a second ya crazy person. Simply start by thinking

Think about what you want from your money, what does money mean to you, what does it allow you to do? For me and the bigger picture, money is just a vehicle that will take me to financial freedom. What do you want from your money?

Having it sit in a bank collecting dust or a measly 2% or similar per year is actually losing money assuming an inflation (where things become more expensive) rise of 3/4% per year.

Do some research, look into index funds, passive investing over active investing, how important fees are and why you don’t need a financial advisor.

Don’t trust the stock market? Look at historical data from the stock market, like the one below on the S&P500 (contains largest 500 companies in the U.S).

Yes, the stock market will crash in your lifetime, probably several times and this is totally normal and not at all something to worry about. That sounds weird right? Trust me, it’s not.

Because… it always goes back up!

We’re in deep shit if the stock market stays down. It always goes back up!

Investing & finances can be daunting, I get it and I know some of you are reading this and wont take action and thats fine, not everyone will be into this.

If you still want the benefits of personal finance optimization but prefer a hands-off approach, thats cool too, shoot me a message and I’ll get you in contact with my finance crew.

And, for those who want to smash it on their own, sweet as.

Read through this site, read other sites, listen to podcasts, read personal finance books, get stuck in! Of course, message me too, I want to help.

Take control of your financial future, take advantage of your position, don’t squander it. Fear is not an excuse to do nothing.

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