Financial Freedom for Yacht Crew

Welcome to your Financial Future

To prove I am a real yachtie

Hi and welcome to themoneydock, my name is Alex and I have a passion for personal finance.  Being a yachtie I realise we are in a unique position to make more money than most and become financially free.   This blog is intended for fellow yachties who might be unsure of what to do with their money.  I genuinely want to help spread financial literacy to others because too many of us are being subjected to costly investment plans that reduce our ability to become financially free.  The advice given is purely based on my research and experiences and is straightforward and honest.  It’s time you start your path to financial freedom. 

Top Tips for Reaching Financial Freedom

Avoid Debt

– Credit card debt
– mobile phone debt
– car loan debt
– other stupid stuff

Invest surplus cash

– keep what you need
– Invest what you don’t

Spend consciously

– Spend on what matters to you
– don’t spend to impress others

Live below your financial means

– spend less than you earn
– find ways to cut costs