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Your Guide to Personal Finance - The Money Dock
A Yachtie's Guide to Personal Finance

Your Guide to Personal Finance

Hi, I’m Alex.

Welcome to themoneydock! Check out the video for a quick description of why I’m here and what I can do for you.

As the video explains, investing and managing your money isn’t as hard as you think, in fact, it’s pretty easy.

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Top Tips for Reaching Financial Freedom

Avoid Debt

– Credit card debt
– mobile phone debt
– car loan debt
– other stupid stuff

Invest surplus cash

– keep what you need
– Invest what you don’t

Spend consciously

– Spend on what matters to you
– don’t spend to impress others

Live below your financial means

– spend less than you earn
– find ways to cut costs

I provide the tools you need to get your money on track to avoid hitting financial rock bottom.

I intend to change the way yacht crew deal with their finances. Our unique position gives us very powerful earning power which, I believe, should be taken advantage of.

What my content can offer you:

  • Informal & conversational writing style, easy to understand financial talk
  • Posts packed with personal finance tips
  • Links to other sites much more established than mine
  • Investment education (a big topic!)
  • How to generally improve your personal finance situation
  • Stories from me, a current yachtie, about my personal finance
  • A network of legit contacts that won’t scam you

Who is the content designed for?

  • You!

Seriously though, anyone really. Whether you’re a 18 year old whipper snapper with their first paycheck, or a 52 year old engineer – and anyone in between!

Take control of your financial future, take advantage of your position, don’t squander it. Fear is not an excuse to do nothing.

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